Well the time has really flown!  I’m now 38 weeks pregnant, and today is my last day at work.  I’m more than ready to be on maternity leave - I get tired quickly, my hands and feet are starting to swell, and sitting or standing for more than a few minutes is uncomfortable.

Two weeks ago we moved houses.  Luckily we stayed within the same housing complex (Isla Hechizada) and moved only a few doors down to a different unit.  Our new house is exactly like the old one, except everything is backwards and our new house is only two stories (and two bedrooms) instead of three bedrooms in three stories.  This means that Adam’s office and the guest room are now in the same room.  Adam jokes that he can sit at his desk and put his feet up on the guest bed.  It’s not quite that bad, but it does look a little awkward.  I’m sure with the new baby though, none of our guests will care.

We had a little scare about two weeks ago during a routine ultrasound, the doctor found that the baby’s heartrate was irregular when I was laying on my side, then regularized when I switched to my side.  Since then I’ve been taking “non-stress tests” on a weekly basis with mixed results.  Right now we’re just monitoring him.  The next appointment is Tuesday, at which point the doctor may decide to induce labor so that he can monitor the baby throughout the labor.  I don’t want to get induced, but I want what’s best for him and I’m ready for him to arrive.   I’ll be 39 weeks at that point, so there’s no danger to the baby.

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