This morning was our appointment at the US Consulate here in Cancun to get Ike's US passport and his "consular report of birth abroad," which is the equivalent of a US birth certificate for American kids born abroad.  Here is a list of the requirements:

  • Minor applicants must appear in person with both parents.  If only one parent can be present on the day of appointment, the present parent must submit form DS 3053 http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/80106.pdf  signed by non-present parent in front of a notary along with a copy of the official identification of the non-present parent.
  • DS 11 (Filled out before appointment, Do NOT sign) http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/79955.pdf
  • DS 2029 (Filled out before appointment, Do NOT sign) http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/83127.pdf
  • Affidavit of Parentage / Physical Presence (Filled out before appointment, Do NOT sign)http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/126018.pdf
  • Two U.S. size passport photos (5cm X 5cm, color, front-facing w/ white background)
  • Mexican Certified Birth Certificate and copy
  • Valid official identification of both parents and copy – Passport, Driver’s License, State ID Card, Mexican Voting Credential
  • Proof of Citizenship of US Parent(s) and copy- US Passport, US Naturalization Certificate, US Birth Certificate
  • If only father is a US Citizen, proof of parents’ relationship before conception and copy -If parents were married prior to the date of conception, please provide an original or certified copy of the marriage certificate and divorce decree (if applicable). If parents were not married at the time of conception, please provide proof of the existence of the relationship at that time (dated photographs, joint bank account statement, personal letters and cards, etc.).
  • Prenatal Documents and copy : Ultrasound, Medical Records, Receipts (copy)
  •  Documents from hospital where the applicant was born and copy: identification bracelet, crib card, discharge orders, hospital bill.
  • Photos of Pregnancy and From Hospital: Photos taken of mother during pregnancy and in the hospital before and after the birth.
  • Progression Photos of applicant since birth in hospital to present – Four photos in the first year, Two photos in the second year and one photo for following years, in order and labeled with age of applicant. Several photos per page can be printed in color on regular paper or you can submit actual photos. Photos can NOT be submitted electronically.
  •  Proof of parents’ presence in Mexico and copy: INM tourist card, FM-2, FM-3, Mexican passport
  • If only one parent is a US citizen, proof of the parents’ physical presence in the US: The parent must prove at least 5 years of physical presence in the US, at least 2 of which are after the age of 14. The period of physical presence need not be continuous. Presence must be proven with concrete evidence (school records, tax forms with W-2, Social Security earnings statement, pay receipts, passport stamps). Please note that if the child was born before Nov. 14, 1986, the parent must prove 10 years physical presence, at least 5 after the age of 14.
  • Report of Birth Abroad Fee: $100 USD or $1400 MXP
  • Passport Fee: $105 USD or $1470 MXP and if US Passport Card is also desired an additional $15 USD or $210 MXP

Needless to say it took awhile to get all this information together, not the least of which were the dates of every trip taken abroad in Adam's and my entire lives, starting with that childhood vacation to Canada, including every business trip, vacation, etc.  It gets more complicated in 2006 when we moved to Mexico.  I had about 45 trips total, assuming I got them all.

You also have to prove not just that you are a US citizen, but that you have lived at least five years in the US, two of which must be after the age of 14.  My parents sent a packet of school documents, immunization records, and tax records to Margie, who brought them down to me.  At the appointment, they seemed interested only in school transcripts, so we had to run home and print out my and Adam's college transcripts.

Assuming everything is in order and the application is accepted, we should receive the Report of Birth Abroad and Ike's passport in about three weeks.

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