On Friday the girls at the office threw me and another pregnant co-worker a baby shower.  I was expecting some cake and that’s about it, but they really went all out!  It started on Friday at 6:30pm and went until nearly 8:30.  About a dozen women came, and there were games, lots of food (tamales, empanadas, tres leches cake), and a ton of totally unexpected gifts!  It was really nice and thoughtful.

On Saturday we saw a couple of houses available in our complex, one a nicely redone 2-story, 2-BR and the other one a 3-story, 3-BR similar to the one we’re in right now.  We have a few more options to see this week and then we’ll have to make a decision very soon.

The baby’s doing great, really moving around a lot.  He’s big enough that he can’t do somersaults anymore (he’s basically stuck in the head-down position), but he can certainly arch his back so it sticks out of my left side, kick his feet on my right side, and even hiccup.  I swear sometimes I can see a foot literally sticking out of my side.  At the last appointment two weeks ago, he was 5 pounds 10 ounces, and I’m excited to see how big he’s gotten at our next appointment next week.

Now at 33 and a half weeks, I’m starting to get tired very quickly.  I’m not sleepy the way I was in the first and second trimesters, but just going up a flight of stairs, or even cooking and eating a meal makes me want to lay down afterwards. 

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